Bridging the SME Financing Gap: A Powerful Lending-as-a-Service Approach with EvenFi

December 1, 2023
3 minutes

The Future of SME Lending with EvenFi

In a financial ecosystem where small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) serve as the backbone of innovation and employment, the startling truth is that a vast financing gap still needs to be filled. The World Bank estimates that micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) face an annual financing gap of $5.2 trillion. This void denotes a missed opportunity for economic growth and highlights the urgent need for tailored financial solutions.

At EvenFi, we perceive this gap not as a market failure but as a call to action. Our Lending-as-a-Service (LaaS) model is purpose-built to empower financial institutions to bridge this divide and to support SMEs essential to flourish in today’s economy.

Current SME Lending Climate

Recent reports, such as the one from UK Finance, pinpoint a concerning downturn in SME lending, reaching a post-pandemic low. Yet, amid such contraction, an uptick in loan and overdraft applications indicates a resilient demand for SME finance. The path to economic recovery and growth requires flexible financial support.

Obstacles to SME Financing

SMEs regularly confront funding barriers, with one in four frequently encountering such obstructions. From the pandemic’s economic shake-up to the current inflation and energy prices challenges, SMEs are searching for financial solutions that can revamp their operations and boost their sustainability.

The EvenFi Advantage for Financial Institutions

Our approach pivots on delivering LaaS that transforms how loans are handled by leveraging cutting-edge technology complemented by the human touch. We take care of the entire loan lifecycle, including origination, monitoring, and servicing, thus freeing institutions to concentrate on their core mission—funding innovation and growth within the SME sector.

Client Success Story: A Case Study

EvenFi has streamlined the loan servicing process through a partnership with a financial institution. By adopting EvenFi’s end-to-end servicing solutions, the institution has reaped the rewards of operational efficiency, enhanced fiscal predictability, and strengthened control over loan processes.

Strategic Partnership Ecosystem

EvenFi understands that a robust partnership ecosystem enriches lending services considerably. From enhancing customer engagement to ensuring regulatory compliance, our collaborations bring our clients a seamless and comprehensive LaaS platform.

Results and Impact

Our empirical data narrates a story of triumph. Institutions engaging with EvenFi have observed marked improvements in efficiency and cost control, resulting in a competitive edge in the SME financing market. In turn, SMEs benefit from accessible, bespoke financial services that cater to their unique requirements.

Outlook and Opportunities Ahead

Aware of the untapped SME lending opportunities, EvenFi remains committed to equipping lenders with the tools to serve this vital market segment effectively. Our advanced and flexible financial platforms assure resilience and agility in an era marked by economic volatility.

The Future of SME Lending with EvenFi

Visionary financial institutions are already harnessing EvenFi’s LaaS to redefine SME lending. We invite you to become a catalyst for change and prosperity within the SME community. Partner with EvenFi and reshape the financial landscape, one thriving SME at a time.

For those looking to be at the forefront of this transformative journey in SME financing, EvenFi opens its doors. Schedule a demo or reach out for a consultation to explore the endless possibilities our LaaS solution holds.

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