Digitization and Growth for Guaranty Consortia: EvenFi's Integrated Solution

December 20, 2023
5 minutes

In the context of constant economic and financial dynamism, Guaranty Consortia (Confidi) are faced with the challenge of digital transformation, a crucial move to remain competitive and effectively respond to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). EvenFi emerges as the ideal partner for Consortia that aim to make the most of the opportunities offered by digitization, with cutting-edge solutions that adapt to the accelerated pace of the market.

The Importance of Digitization for Consortia

Digital tools enable Consortia to optimize processes, reduce operational times and costs, and provide their customers with a rapid and efficient service. Digitization is no longer an option, but a necessity to ensure accessibility and transparency, aspects increasingly demanded by SMEs in search of financial support.

EvenFi's Proposal: Speed, Efficiency, and Innovation

EvenFi offers an integrated suite of financial tools that accelerate decision-making and credit disbursement through an intuitive digital interface. EvenFi's platform paves the way for new forms of financing such as crowdlending, allowing Consortia to expand their service portfolio and successfully engage a broader audience.

Quick and Flexible Loans

The EvenFi platform allows Consortia to provide quick and flexible loans, tailoring solutions to the specific needs of SMEs. With digitized procedures and reduced disbursement times of about two weeks, EvenFi ensures agile capital support for the growth and development of businesses.

Lending as a Service (LaaS)

EvenFi introduced a complete and extremely competitive LaaS service, specifically designed for Consortia. This platform eliminates the need for manual and paper processes, offering a digital alternative that allows Consortia to issue loans directly, quickly, and with minimal structural costs.

Success Case: The Partnership with Fidit

The value of EvenFi's service is evidenced by its real impact, highlighted by the successful partnership with Fidit. This collaboration has enabled the disbursement of loans guaranteed by SMEs quickly and effectively, confirming the efficiency and scalability of the platform.

Technology at the Service of Finance

EvenFi's platform has a data-driven infrastructure that provides Consortia with a clear and constantly updated view of financial activities. The automated system allows for the management of payments, transaction recording, and every aspect of the financial service with precision and transparency, offering Consortia a powerful tool for the efficient loan management.


Digitization represents a turning point for Consortia that want to thrive in today's economic landscape. EvenFi stands as a forerunner in this digital revolution by providing financial institutions with a robust and adaptable platform that accelerates the growth and success of the supported SMEs. Embracing EvenFi's innovative solutions, Consortia can chart an evolutionary path consistent with the trends of a rapidly changing market.

If you are leading a Consortium and are ready to implement technologies that can bring operational efficiency to new levels and offer cutting-edge financial services, visit or contact EvenFi to discover how we can support your digitization and growth process.

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