EvenFi Club Deal: Autonomy and Customization in Your Investment Platform

December 20, 2023

In a competitive market where personal branding and financial independence are essential, EvenFi Club Deal offers businessmen the unique opportunity to build their own crowdfunding platform. Unlike off-the-shelf models, EvenFi's Club Deal stands out for its customization and flexibility, allowing professionals to invite and manage their investors through an exclusive and self-managed online space. Discover how you can accelerate your entrepreneurial success, having full control over your investment projects with EvenFi.

EvenFi Club Deal: The Platform that Puts YOU at the Center

EvenFi's Club Deal service transforms the traditional investment model by giving businessmen the freedom to create and manage fundraising campaigns while maintaining a direct relationship with investors. Our platform, regulated and secure, customized according to your brand, turns the concept of crowdfunding into a refined and tailor-made experience.

  1. Complete Customization:Your name, your brand, your rules. Set up the Club Deal platform with the look and feel that best fits your corporate and professional image.
  2. Exclusive Network of Investors:With EvenFi Club Deal, you select and invite investors to your platform, creating an exclusive circle that reflects the value and potential of your business.
  3. Autonomously Managed Projects and Funds:Maintain full control over your projects - from inception to execution - using intuitive tools to manage all stages of your crowdfunding campaign.
  4. Detailed Reporting and Analysis:Measure the effectiveness of your strategies with integrated analytical tools that provide a detailed view of the performance of your investments and investor behavior.
  5. Simplified Capital Mobilization:Take advantage of the simplicity of the pay-as-you-go model for launching projects, with minimal initial setup and a flexible cost model based on the success of your fundraising.
  6. Effortless Compliance:EvenFi takes care of European regulatory compliance, ensuring you a reliable and compliant platform without the need to navigate legal complexities.
  7. Dedicated Support:A team of experts who understand the specific needs of the financial sector is ready to support every need, to ensure you get the most out of your Club Deal.


In the digital age, innovation is synonymous with the future. With EvenFi Club Deal, not only do you launch your investment campaign, but you write the rules of the game, creating an asset that will become fundamental for your business and to showcase your track record.

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