EvenFi Club Deal Pay As You Go: Maximum Flexibility in Crowdfunding for Businessmen

December 20, 2023
5 minutes

For enterprising entrepreneurs and businessmen looking to expand their network of contacts and capital without the burden of exorbitant fixed costs, EvenFi introduces the Club Deal Pay As You Go. This innovative service option offers a customizable and scalable crowdfunding platform that perfectly adapts to the dynamic needs of today's market. Discover how EvenFi's Pay As You Go model can revolutionize your fundraising strategy and broaden your entrepreneurial horizons.

Benefits with EvenFi Club Deal Pay As You Go

  1. Simplified Project Launch:Start immediately without significant investments. With the Pay As You Go model, you can launch your Club Deal platform without worrying about setup costs and long-term commitments, making it the ideal approach to test ideas and projects with minimal financial risk.
  2. Variable Costs Based on Success:Your investment grows with your success. You only pay a percentage on the funds you raise, which means that your platform is self-financing, and the fees are directly proportional to the results of your campaigns.
  3. Total Control Over Your Platform:EvenFi's Club Deal Pay As You Go platform is fully branded and customizable. You have complete control over your image and how you present your projects to investors, maintaining consistency with your message and corporate values.
  4. Optimized Investor Management:Benefit from a wide range of tools to easily manage the fundraising process, from identifying investors to disbursing funds, ensuring a smooth experience for you and your supporters.
  5. Guaranteed Compliance and Security:Benefit from the peace of mind of a platform that complies with stringent European regulations, ensuring security and reliability for you and your investors throughout the investment process.
  6. Access to an Extensive Network of Investors:EvenFi Club Deal Pay As You Go connects you to a vast network of potential financiers, expanding your outreach and increasing the chances of success for your projects.

How Does EvenFi Club Deal Pay As You Go Work?

The service model is structured to offer you maximum simplicity and transparency:

  • No fixed costs: start with a minimum or no initial budget.
  • A transparent commission: you only pay a predetermined percentage on the amounts raised.
  • Integrated tools: from due diligence to investment management, you have access to everything you need to launch a successful campaign.


Whether you're new to the crowdfunding arena or a veteran looking for new opportunities, EvenFi Club Deal Pay As You Go offers the ideal platform to grow your entrepreneurial initiatives. Customization, flexible payment model, total control, and compliance are the key ingredients of a successful strategy with EvenFi.

Are you ready to leverage crowdfunding to take your business to the next level? Learn more about EvenFi's Club Deal Pay As You Go service by visiting our website or contacting our expert team for assistance and information.

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