Royalty Crowdfunding: The New Frontier of Participative Financing

December 19, 2023
4 minutes

Crowdfunding has redefined multiple industrial and creative sectors, enabling businesses and individuals to finance projects through collective support. Among its varied forms, Royalty Crowdfunding stands out as an innovative and potentially rich investment model. In this article, we will explore what Royalty Crowdfunding is and the opportunities it presents for entrepreneurs and investors.

What is Royalty Crowdfunding?

Royalty Crowdfunding is a subtype of crowdfunding where investors financially contribute to an enterprise or project with the expectation of receiving a percentage of future revenues generated. This model does not lead to equity ownership or debt repayment but offers backers a return proportional to the actual economic success of the project.

The Potential of Royalty Crowdfunding

  1. Alignment of Interests:In Royalty Crowdfunding, the interests of entrepreneurs and investors are closely aligned. Investors earn more when the business is successful, incentivizing both parties to commit to maximizing the project’s potential.
  2. Financial Flexibility:For businesses, Royalty Crowdfunding represents an alternative to equity or debt financing, which can be particularly advantageous for growing startups that do not want to dilute their ownership stake or take on long-term debt.
  3. Accessibility to Investments:Through Royalty Crowdfunding, even smaller investors can contribute to projects they believe have potential, making investment more accessible compared to traditional channels often requiring significant initial investments.
  4. Reduced Overall Risk:Since the return is linked to actual revenues generated, the financial risk for investors can be lower compared to other crowdfunding models where the return on investments is not closely correlated with the success of the business.
  5. Transparency and Engagement:The Royalty Crowdfunding model encourages greater financial transparency as investors will receive payments based on actual revenues. Additionally, investors can become brand ambassadors, promoting the business or project in hopes of increasing their earnings.

The Challenges of Royalty Crowdfunding

  1. Complexity in Valuation:Determining a fair agreement on future royalty payments can be complicated, requiring careful assessment of market potential and revenue forecasts.
  2. Need for Monitoring Structures:Effective control measures must be implemented to ensure proper accounting and distribution of revenues to supporters, which may require additional resources or the intervention of specialized third parties.
  3. Potential for Conflicts:If the goals between the enterprise and investors are not perfectly aligned, conflicts can arise, for example, about the reinvestment of revenues versus the payment of royalties.


Royalty Crowdfunding is a dynamic financing model with the potential to change the investment landscape. It allows entrepreneurs to raise funds without relinquishing control or incurring debt, while investors can participate in potential profits without taking on the responsibilities of a shareholder. Through dedicated platforms like EvenFi, which facilitate the crowdfunding process with advanced tools and specialized assistance, Royalty Crowdfunding becomes an increasingly attractive solution for a wide spectrum of projects and businesses.

To further explore the possibilities offered by Royalty Crowdfunding and understand how it can fit into your venture or investment portfolio, consider speaking with an EvenFi expert.

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